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River Island is a London-headquartered high street fashion brand, which operates in a number of worldwide markets. Set up in 1948, by Bernard Lewis and his brothers in London. River Island is a private company owned by the Lewis family.


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Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"Everything. I guess it depends on what store you get!"

Former Employee - Manager says

"pay is insufficient for management requirements"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The money is very bad pay"

Former Employee - Sales Advisor says

"Horrible management, bad pay, no overtime ever payed to you, stay late till 2am to prep for a sale with no thanks"

Former Employee - Customer Assistant says

"Management are either completely out of sight or talking down to you quite aggressively, you get told off for not turning up for shifts you didn't know about, blamed for their mistakes and they all tell you different things so you never get a task done. Nobody bothers training you so you're left slow on the till with angry customers and nobody to help out. I never got my free uniform pieces and they didn't bother giving me staff discount on one thing I bought. They don't switch you around jobs at all so you could be on the till for seven hours with only other temps to help you. This was a Christmas temp contract, when I couldn't work a shift I was given out of nowhere because I can't drive (they knew this upon hiring me, no day without public transport), I was harassed over text to get a lift and threatened that it will affect my chances of obtaining a permanent contract, then told I was unprofessional to speak over text when they established that as the form of communication initially. Some staff were nice people but impossible to get to know anyone because there are so many staff, I went into the shop a few months later and the staff turnover is so quick I recognised nobody. Shop is impossible to contact for any reason let alone a reference as it seems they keep it off the hook."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long hours are met with zero thanks Care more about tasks than they do about customers (they claim the opposite but NO) Blame culture is awful When you ask for days off on annual leave it seems ‘frowned upon’ so basically you get made to feel bad for asking to utilise YOUR BENEFIT and even better luck if you want anything off at a weekend or in December as they are ‘too busy’ far from it"

Former Employee - Sale Assistant says

"Pay low, lack of progression"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"awful management, bad trading, knock-off goods"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Working here was hell"

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"- Awful management. Shout at you for asking questions during training. - Not trained properly - Toxic environment, no sense of community - Put you in for days you requested off - Give roster just a day in advance"

Operastions manager and Sales (Former Employee) says

"It was ok but overworked underpaid you get trapped cause you think your earning loads but really it's nothing. Management earned more to do nothing or question work they gave you and you followed it was just a rollercoaster of telling them you did as they asked and they never understand you."

Customer Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Hates everything about it. The horrible customers, the managers and team leaders who were rude and miserable and the 'if your face doesn’t fit' environment. The place is dirty (despite what a TCC employee has put to a response on a previous review that it isn’t.), you get ill from the germs but get hounded if you are off sick. Half the managers and team leaders don’t get along with one another. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this place, along with 99% of the reviews before mine."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Boring. No room for growth. Management are terrible. No progression. People can be fun to be around but have to keep opinions to themselves. Customers are terrible and Customer Service will give them whatever they want to keep them happy instead of following policy."

Sales assistant (Former Employee) says

"terrible place to work dreaded every single second of it , couldnt wait to get home once i went in, management is a joke and half of the dont even know howto fold a t shirt"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Managers worked us like slaves and were incompetent. They kept pushing us to harass customers. Workplace bullying was present, snide remarks and comments around. Wouldn't recommend working there if you're looking to make friends. Wage was so low, wasn't worth working there."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked in River Island for a whole year and I would DEFINITELY NOT recommend it whatsoever. I worked in the Cardiff store in St Davids. Managers (mainly the higher up managers) were extremely rude on shifts. I came onto shift the one day and two of the managers stood on shop floor at the front of the store in front of customers and other staff and made me cry. They shouted at me for not taking overtime on a certain day and made out that I was lying that I had agreed to do it. I started to cry and they told me to carry on sorting shoes. I went to the back stock room and told a manager I trusted and cried to her out the back, the one manager that made me cry then came and told me that it wasn't just me and that they expect all staff to pick up extra shifts during the sale period. Two other managers that I walked past looked at me crying and turned a blind eye. I continued to cry on shop floor and the one manager that made me cry at the beginning of my shift pulled me to the very front of the store and told me to stop crying because "nobody died" and that she did not agree with me saying no to overtime because I was meeting a friend that evening and said that my priorities should be with River Island, even though I had also made these arrangements beforehand and they expected me to cancel on my friend. I didn't do this and after that I went home crying my eyes out wishing I had quit on that shift. My mum was absolutely disgusted with how they treated me and wanted to complain but I thought that would make my shifts awkward and even worse so this is the first time I am telling"

Retail Assistant - Product (Former Employee) says

"The company is terrible. Really low wages. Expected way too much with extra pressure. The management are horrible and do not care about staff. Would not recommend"

River Island Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Great work place, busy environment loved working with amazing people and meeting new people daily and working within a team environment and helping each other meet targetLong breaksNothing"

Sales Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Awful company , management are rude and don’t respect the staff. Stay away, not worth it for a low minimum wage job. The canteen is untidy 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢."

Sales Advisor (Part-time) says

"river island rugby is probably the most miserable job I have ever had. The management are bullies who attempt to stamp their authority on young people by being rude, malicious and in general just absolutely vile- they make you feel so uncomfortable and isolated just because you’re younger/less qualified! I would not recommend working here whatsoever, the only benefit was staff discount which in the summary of things was just not worth being so miserable for. I would leave this job most days feeling so low. Do not do itStaff discountAwful management, lack of overtime"

sales and service team (Current Employee) says

"Lancaster. Never worked in a more hostile environment. Managers are all liars and bullies they talk badly about each others lives and work. Even HO and HR dont help. No one cares about the culture of the store or the mental health of employees, even though they claim to. If you blow the whistle on whats really going on, they attempt to force you out for the smallest of things. Whilst others are breaking rules on a daily basis. Running around whilst management deligate their own jobs to level 1s and 2s. Exhausting mentally and physically. Wage is poor considering the work you do. Staff become unmotivated in such environments. All they care about is figures. Not staff. Everyone is replaceable. People a favoured. Best part of the job are the few individuals you meet along the way that become life long friends because youve fought the same battle.Free uniformEverything"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"working here was awful and thats all down to the management. they dont support you if you have kids! they always promised more hours. they must have ammutures do the interview process cause i worked with a bunch of nasty people. its the most uncomfortable place of work you can imagine. i have kids and i booked 1 or the other off and they made me work christmas eve and boxing day. the most enjoyable part of the job was being able to actually get on with my job rather than have managers constantly bad mouth my fellow employees. i love fashion ! and all i wear is river island so i was so excited to work here,, i hated every second working here the girls there are spiteful they made it very diffcult to work on many occasions. i was never till trained i wanted to be they put me on fitting rooms for hours on end ! which was nothing like the job description everyone there expect managers are on daily 4 hr shifts which is awful for petrol! everyone expect managers have to work every single weekend the amount of times my pay was wrong ,, one time i got payed £100 less i got it eventually but they made these mistakes to often than not. ive seen my co workers in tears to many times over how they get treateddiscountthe job the people the atmosphere"

Sales/Customer Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Managers discriminate against parents with children. Benefits are not as great as you think. I was a manager for a year and was manipulation penalised and discriminated against. Just overall terrible management not nice place to work in.Free clothes even though you get tax deductions so not really free.Management."

Warehouse Operative (Current Employee) says

"Stay clear from this place if you value your brain cells and human decency. Managers dont care about you and the staff is just horrible to work with and they dont even speak english most of them."

Store Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Everyday we had to make sure that the store was clean and all the rejects were out also we had to make sure that their was no one waiting at till and that if no one need serving we would go help make the store look clean, put stock out, put new prices on things if sale.learned how to use the til well and how to work well under pressure. the management team were very friendly but at the same time made sure everything was under control.the most enjoyable part of the job was meeting new people and also having a laugh with colleagues."

Dublin (Former Employee) says

"very bad place to work, staff are treated like rubbish and managers are awful, company is very badly run with stock and pay always wrong, would no recommend it to anyone"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work to ever! They want everything out of you for nothing. Managers are awful and i’d reccommend anyone to stay away from the horrid placeDiscountEverything else"

Sales Assistant (Christmas Temp) says

"Horrible staff Terrible pay Customers were nice Not the best place for people with some extra weight on them Hardly any break time Staff think there better than everyone else"

Sales Assistant (XMAS TEMP) says

"Would never work there again, horrible managers and no understanding at all.Bad management and team work, bad salary and no benefits apart from a small amount to use on clothes"

Temporary Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Give very basic training about manual handling, was trained how to use the stock checking equipment had to figure it out or ask standard members of staff for help, lucky was only there a monthNoneWhole thing"

Cindy Langford says

"RIVER ISLAND IS A SCAM FOR REFUNDS. 6 weeks ago I bought jeans from one of their store and they didn’t fit so I returned them that day. It was after the 5 working days I started to wonder where my money was so I emailed them. Not once but twice I had to send these people proof of my purchase and now they are asking me to contact my own bank for the money. River Islands customer service is unacceptable and a scam for your money. Never again will I buy from them."

Julia says

"NEVER TRUST THEIR ONLINE SERVICES I placed an online order . Collected from my local branch. One of the items was not what I had ordered. I returned online requesting a refund. They claim I’m was returning a non river island product basically calling me a liar & refuse to refund. £42 lost. I will take this further just on principle as it is their error. Furious is an understatement"

Katerina says

"Terrible, will never order from RI again, ever. I've got some clothes just before going on holidays, but they sent me a wrong sizes and asked me to pay for the correct size again, with no guarantee that I will receive on time before leaving the UK. Terrible, unhelpful CS!"

Paola Perricone says

"Placed an order at the Bournemouth store whilst on a weekend away there. Placed this order with a chatty member of staff who clearly stated i would receive a refund if items were no good. I am from Bedford, Bedford store has closed down, nearest one is in Milton Keynes but i dont drive. I sent items back with Royal Mail. WHY HAVE YOU ISSUED ME WITH A DIGITAL RECEIPT? I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK!! £76!! Completely unfair, i have spoken with 2 members of your 'customer services team' who told me you are unable to issue me a refund as the order was placed in store?! I am not happy with this and i feel LIED and ROBBED. I want to speak with a Manager."

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