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River Island is a London-headquartered high street fashion brand, which operates in a number of worldwide markets. Set up in 1948, by Bernard Lewis and his brothers in London. River Island is a private company owned by the Lewis family.


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Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"I have been working at River Island Clothing full-time Cons: There are lots to even remember"

Former Employee - Retail Sales Assistant says

"I worked at River Island Clothing part-time for less than a year Cons: Everything. I worked as a Xmas temp and was treated like I wasn’t part of the company or even there at all. After reading a few other reviews I can see a lot of other Xmas temps have been treated the same way. So apparently it’s not just the store I was at. I wasn’t trained on anything and was just put onto the floor. Which I thought was weird seeing as I was put on the busiest days of the year (Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day) I Was spoken down to by the store manager for things I couldn’t possibly know being new and not being trained on, SM also would call me by other names, which is fine but put together with how rude they were just felt off. For a small store they also never spoke to me or engaged with me with anything other than telling me what I should and shouldn’t be doing. There was a lot of favouritism, which didn’t bother me as I was only there for 2 weeks. But a few managers were leaving because of the SM and not one person had a nice thing to say about them. After my 2 weeks having worked all their busiest days I wasn’t even acknowledged and literally walked out the store like I hadn’t been working for them."

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"I worked at River Island Clothing part-time Cons: Awful, horrendous, rude, egotistic and downright poor management. You're dropped on to the shop floor on your first shift and expected to know where all clothes are, where they're placed, how to return rejects from dressing room, how to handle the till, how to quickly tidy the floor of shoes. Managers will also bark orders at you through the walkie-talkie whilst you're still serving a customer, within earshot of them so they can hear how you're being spoken to. If I could, I would rewind time and never accept the offer to join here as the money is just not worth the loss of sanity and absolute disrespect. They say the customers are the rudest thing about retail but I actually dealt with really nice people and no one was rude to me - it was the disgusting management which were the rude ones and really need some house training."

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"I have been working at River Island Clothing full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Toxic environment, no maternity pay in ROI, dreadful work/life balance, you're never off as communications are relentless, bonus schemes scrapped, insult of a boss' bounty every month that barely covers coffees and doughnuts for the team."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"I have been working at River Island Clothing part-time Cons: not good shift times and not good pay"

Former Employee - Retail Assistant says

"I worked at River Island Clothing part-time for less than a year Cons: Probably the worst place I have ever worked. Some management have definitely got a superiority complex. If you’re going to work here Don’t expect help and support - expect to be laughed at like you’re at school and talked to like you are a child. I worked part time as an Xmas temp (however I was then made to work 5/6 days a week for 8/9 hours per day) they will not thank you for this or show you any gratitude what so ever. Permanent roles are allocated based on your popularity within the company -not the work ethic or flexibility and staff rude to or just completely ignored xmas temps like myself. All round a very toxic work environment and a shame that a select one or two managers take it upon themselves to bully and intimidate lower level staff. I used to lover river island but I have never stepped foot back in the SOLIHULL store since my temp position ended. On one occasion on a Saturday (my day of) a manger called me very annoyed saying I hadn’t turned up for a shift. They were really hard on me saying I had let the team down and it’s my responsibility to know when I’m on shift. Panicked and almost in tears I started getting ready and got on the bus- only to be rang and told they got it wrong and I wasn’t actually due in for a shift that day. I did get a half hearted apology but nothing of substance or that felt genuine. Over all would not recommend working here at all. Not all managers here were like this however when I was the the lady who managed women’s wear was possibly the worst manager I have ever worked for and she should definitely not be a position of authority."

Former Employee - Christmas Temp Customer Assistant says

"I worked at River Island Clothing part-time for less than a year Cons: staff would shout at me in front of customers wouldn’t be taught things thoroughly and then would be spoken down to and made to feel like an imbecile if I didn’t miraculously learn things in 5 minutes"

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"I worked at River Island Clothing full-time for more than 3 years Cons: They did not pay for the work and responsibilities, the upper management is very poor and it is a result as to why the company is failing."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at River Island Clothing full-time for more than 5 years Cons: pay is insufficient for management requirements"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at River Island Clothing part-time for more than a year Cons: The money is very bad pay"

Floor Manager (Former Employee) says

"watford store manager lacks empathy. she does not understand people and their needs and always looke after her own interest. level of stress is too high for the pay."

Operations/Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"So was a manger at 231 a store on Oxford St but I interviewed and passed for the role as ops mgr in park house the new flag ship, but on my first day was told nope we changed it to 231 and downgraded me to a sales manager! When I spoke with HR they basically said yeah we did, got no help from them so basically started looking for new work from day one. They would never have 4 weeks Rotas up and they would expect you to go to stupid management days on you day off, by threatening disciplinary action if you didn’t go, I myself who had higher management experience and HR experience told them try it and see where it gets you! Totally disgusting behaviour from managers and staff alike, please please stay well away. Cons: Evil leadership"

Operastions manager and Sales (Former Employee) says

"It was ok but overworked underpaid you get trapped cause you think your earning loads but really it's nothing. Management earned more to do nothing or question work they gave you and you followed it was just a rollercoaster of telling them you did as they asked and they never understand you."

Customer Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Hates everything about it. The horrible customers, the managers and team leaders who were rude and miserable and the 'if your face doesn’t fit' environment. The place is dirty (despite what a TCC employee has put to a response on a previous review that it isn’t.), you get ill from the germs but get hounded if you are off sick. Half the managers and team leaders don’t get along with one another. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this place, along with 99% of the reviews before mine."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Boring. No room for growth. Management are terrible. No progression. People can be fun to be around but have to keep opinions to themselves. Customers are terrible and Customer Service will give them whatever they want to keep them happy instead of following policy."

Sales assistant (Former Employee) says

"terrible place to work dreaded every single second of it , couldnt wait to get home once i went in, management is a joke and half of the dont even know howto fold a t shirt"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Managers worked us like slaves and were incompetent. They kept pushing us to harass customers. Workplace bullying was present, snide remarks and comments around. Wouldn't recommend working there if you're looking to make friends. Wage was so low, wasn't worth working there."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked in River Island for a whole year and I would DEFINITELY NOT recommend it whatsoever. I worked in the Cardiff store in St Davids. Managers (mainly the higher up managers) were extremely rude on shifts. I came onto shift the one day and two of the managers stood on shop floor at the front of the store in front of customers and other staff and made me cry. They shouted at me for not taking overtime on a certain day and made out that I was lying that I had agreed to do it. I started to cry and they told me to carry on sorting shoes. I went to the back stock room and told a manager I trusted and cried to her out the back, the one manager that made me cry then came and told me that it wasn't just me and that they expect all staff to pick up extra shifts during the sale period. Two other managers that I walked past looked at me crying and turned a blind eye. I continued to cry on shop floor and the one manager that made me cry at the beginning of my shift pulled me to the very front of the store and told me to stop crying because "nobody died" and that she did not agree with me saying no to overtime because I was meeting a friend that evening and said that my priorities should be with River Island, even though I had also made these arrangements beforehand and they expected me to cancel on my friend. I didn't do this and after that I went home crying my eyes out wishing I had quit on that shift. My mum was absolutely disgusted with how they treated me and wanted to complain but I thought that would make my shifts awkward and even worse so this is the first time I am telling"

Retail Assistant - Product (Former Employee) says

"The company is terrible. Really low wages. Expected way too much with extra pressure. The management are horrible and do not care about staff. Would not recommend"

River Island Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Great work place, busy environment loved working with amazing people and meeting new people daily and working within a team environment and helping each other meet target Cons: Nothing"

Sales Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Awful company , management are rude and don’t respect the staff. Stay away, not worth it for a low minimum wage job. The canteen is untidy 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢."

Sales Advisor (Part-time) says

"river island rugby is probably the most miserable job I have ever had. The management are bullies who attempt to stamp their authority on young people by being rude, malicious and in general just absolutely vile- they make you feel so uncomfortable and isolated just because you’re younger/less qualified! I would not recommend working here whatsoever, the only benefit was staff discount which in the summary of things was just not worth being so miserable for. I would leave this job most days feeling so low. Do not do it Cons: Awful management, lack of overtime"

sales and service team (Current Employee) says

"Lancaster. Never worked in a more hostile environment. Managers are all liars and bullies they talk badly about each others lives and work. Even HO and HR dont help. No one cares about the culture of the store or the mental health of employees, even though they claim to. If you blow the whistle on whats really going on, they attempt to force you out for the smallest of things. Whilst others are breaking rules on a daily basis. Cons: Everything"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"working here was awful and thats all down to the management. Cons: the job the people the atmosphere"

Sales/Customer Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Managers discriminate against parents with children. Benefits are not as great as you think. Cons: Management."

Warehouse Operative (Current Employee) says

"Stay clear from this place if you value your brain cells and human decency."

Store Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Everyday we had to make sure that the store was clean and all the rejects were out also we had to make sure that their was no one waiting at till and that if no one need serving we would go help make the store look clean, put stock out, put new prices on things if sale.learned how to use the til well and how to work well under pressure. the management team were very friendly but at the same time made sure everything was under control.the most enjoyable part of the job was meeting new people and also having a laugh with colleagues."

Dublin (Former Employee) says

"very bad place to work, staff are treated like rubbish and managers are awful, company is very badly run with stock and pay always wrong, would no recommend it to anyone"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work to ever! They want everything out of you for nothing. Managers are awful and i’d reccommend anyone to stay away from the horrid place Cons: Everything else"

Sales Assistant (Christmas Temp) says

"Horrible staff"

Vom V says

"No response no refund please don’t buy anything from them there the worse of the worse absolutely shocking customer service and no refund I’m taking it further and I’m going to write a review everyday on here until I get my money back even if it takes a year."

Nicole says

"Returned a tshirt about 2 weeks ago after ordering a hat and receiving the wrong item. Not been given a refund or any conformation they have gotten it back."

Lockdown shock down says

"Customer service is absolutely shocking. They are so unhelpful with their standard responses. They are not prepared to deal with anything. I bought shoes and the price on the label was lower than what I got charged and their attitude is “well we are entitled to change our prices”."

Liz Maxwell says

"My gift card the 3 digcode was unreadable so havin sent meny emails aboyt this they wanted proof of purchase as it says in the title its a gift card !!! So i didnt have the recipt and they said i couldnt get a replacement absolutly terrible company will never buy from them again and in these times they need to keep all their loyal customers ut the are defo not a loyal company so my 20 quid gift card is in their pocket !!!!!!"

Leandra Cohen says

"Even a whole star is too much for these rats. Remember how i ordered once a 💩pair of boots, took a while, had to contact their support and ask where are my boots, got a very low answer: Please be advised the reason why your order was returned back to our warehouse, was because this parcel was damaged between leaving our warehouse and getting to the international courier. We do apologise for this, however this is out of our control. This is also in our Terms and Conditions. It's good that it turned that way because those low quality boots look like 💩. 😂😂"

Emily says

"It says on the website "we are introducing free returns to ROI". This can be interpreted 2 ways; that they WILL be introducing them in the future or that they ALREADY have. I interpreted the latter, therefore I bought 3 authentic leather jackets safe in the knowledge that my postage return will be free for the items I choose not to keep. When I tried to return the items I was going to be charged 30€!. This statement made by riverisland is VERY misleading!!!!. Not only that, but when I contacted the customer service they had the audacity to state that I was wrong and that the page was 6 months old where I read that, if that was the case surely the ROI returns would be free by now??? Not only that but they also state they would not take online items in store for refunds. After contacting about 5 different people (all with different contradicting answers) I finally received an email saying I can return my package in store. The fact that they wouldn't take an online item in store is ridiculous it is the same product they are selling regardless. Also kind of ironic considering when they have sale they bring out all their junk that is years old. I am just screenshotting the email that says I can return in store and ignoring the ridiculous contradictory others. Disappointing isn't even the word. I spent 300€ in total and this is how I am treated. Not to mention, the products feel very cheap! I recently bought an all saints leather jacket and there is no comparison of that to my authentic leather RI jacket feel like plastic compared to it!!! The customer service is amazing too!. Avoid riverisland at all costs!. One jacket marked a size 14 but tagged 8. Also wrong jacket I ordered, seems pretty un news worthy in comparison to everything but needs a shoutout too, the cherry on the cake. I came to trust pilot 3 years ago commenting on their awful delivery serviceman and his appalling attitude, not much has changed with RI!!!"

Jonathan Rice says

"Terrible customer service. Terrible expierience with returning items that were incorrect size. Sent proof of postage and also shown tracking proof of delivery and they still refuse to refund. Avoid this company at all costs."

RC says

"I am having the worst experience ever with an online store. I made an order on the 13th January and received a notification by DHL I woukd have to pay for additional customs fees almost on the amount of almost 50€. Since the River Island website clearly states they pay for any charges post Brexit, I reached out to customer support and complained about this, saying I would not pay for this. After 10 email exchanges and inconsistent information, I found out the package had been sent back to the seller. However, this information was only at the DHL tracking system and not the store nor the courier in the UK, which appears to be DPD. The package has been signed for upon return, is in the possession of River island, but so far, I have received no update on the status. In summary, no product, no money, plenty of distress and confusion. Overall, I can rate this as the worst experience ever in online shopping. And trust me, I have plenty of that."

Martina Dabrović says

"I want to express my dissatisfaction with my order. I ordered the goods a month ago ... it stood at the customs for weeks waiting for you to pay the customs ... I warned you several times that DHL was waiting for you to pay so they could deliver it to me. You turned a deaf ear to it. DHL decided to return my order to you for not trusting me but for persistently telling me that I would receive the order soon. When I found out that DHL returned the order to you and that you took it over, you didn't believe it either. Suddenly today you claim that you still received the order and that you will refund my money. I did not want the order returned to you. I want the things I ordered because those things are no longer in stock. I can't order them again. Where is that pocket I ordered, did you sell my stuff to someone else? Who will be responsible for this kind of treatment of the customer where only you are to blame. I want items I ordered sent to me again!"

keegan byrne says

"The majority of the men's stock is muscle fit so it doesn't fit the regular man very well. Poor quality clothing that doesn't last long after a couple of washes."

kelso says

"I bought a coat that was supposed to be £110 which was reduced to £55. Sounds like a good deal, right? No. The pockets are fake. There are no pockets at all. In 2021. In this day and age. I have to beg for clothing companies to put pockets on women’s coats because apparently they think we don’t need them. Fed up"

Szilvia Fulop says

"I have ordered a jacket I really wanted in December. Few days later I received an email that my order was cancelled due to the item is out of stock. Then I saw the same item a month later again so I have ordered it quickly. 6 days later another email with the same thing: order cancelled due the item is out of stock. Got fed up. I have emailed the customer service, template email apology, but didn't offer me anything, such as 10% off from my next order. Sadly, won't order from them anymore."

Richard Boase says

"I ordered an item from river island on the 27th of January 21. I received an email on the 29th of January 21 stating my item has been dispatched to Royal Mail. My item was due to be delivered on the 1st of February 21, I have tracked my item since the email and it still hasn’t got to Royal Mail. Now on the 2nd of February and still not been received at Royal Mail. Is this a scam have they not despatched my item of something think it’s abit of a joke tbh don’t understand how an item could get lost going from seller to Royal Mail, unless my item has been stolen. Rather disappointed as the item was a birthday present for someone and still not arrived. Never had a problem with any other item I have ordered from river island so why this one"


"I returned two items since 8th jan one was processed the other still pending I was asked to what a full 21 days before I can contact them again about it. Until now no refund really disappointed with this as the second item is the more expensive one and was not scanned? It sounds like a scam to me"

Anuradha Sohansingh says

"Its been some time now and still didn’t receive my refund and also no response to my mail !"

Jessica Moynihan says

"They no longer do free returns for Irish customers. This is peculiar to me as they have physical stores here. You would think that such a major retailer would continue to honour their customers despite brexit but no, they are very inflexible so it seems. Smaller companies are offering free returns so why do they have to be so greedy? I have boycotted them and will support EU retailers instead."

Leah says

"Didn’t receive my order."

Magdalena Milej says

"It is a fraud company !! on the website it was written that you do not have to pay customs duties .. the prices are the same as on the website !! what a lie .. I have to pay the duty now and it is half the amount I paid for the order !! now the message came that I have to pay for it and not river island !! please do not order from them !! there are other shops like Asos ... there you don't have to pay any customs duties, although they are also located in the UK ... not RECOMMENDED !!"

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